Thursday, November 22, 2012

It's not wrong if we just keep on dreaming.

I like to think about my future a lot. I'm just the girl that can't wait to have her own family. Yeah I'm that girl. I'm that girl who cannot wait to be a successful woman, a wife and of course a mother. Yes I cannot wait to be all those above. I really wanna be a successful woman, I mean who doesn't right? I just want my own house, own car or maybe own company but not sure what position I'm in. Somehow I just cannot wait to be a wife, yes I get to marry with the love of my life and be happy with him. I wanna treat him well, spoil him and loving him would be my full time job. I also wanted to be a mother, of course I do wanna have my own kids, if it possible I want four kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. I'm gonna spoil them, I'm not gonna let my children to go through what I went through before.  I just want them to have a perfect life or maybe better life than me. Not gonna let my children face the situation or life I had before and I don't want them to go through divorcy just like my parents did. I want everything perfect in my life and hoping my children would be better than I do now. I want them to take care their prayers unlike me, its a bit yknow sometimes you do it, sometimes you not. I rarely and I don't even know when I'm gonna change. I hope one day Allah might open my heart and change me someone better. Insyaallah. Its not that I don't wanna change, I do. The niat has been set on my mind long time a go, its just me. Its really hard to change and leaving my old life. Ya allah, why I'm saying this :S just hoping one day, Insyaallah :) Eh this changing its a part of my dreams too, why not sharing on this blog. Haha to be a success, wife, mother or better person, I gotta build or reach to that level or goal. I gotta work harder on my studies la for now, like I'm studying now so I gotta study well. Then after that I can achieve whatever I wanna do next but during studies or maybe now? I should have the yknow the changing in me, as in close my aurat and all. I really hope that one day I could change like everybody else did. Amin.

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