Monday, January 7, 2013


Well hello 2013, kinda hate you because gonna start 2nd sem. Here I am in Damansara just got back from Sabah. I spent my break sem at Sabah with my siblings. I had fun there. Went to island and lots and lots of beach and not to forget their food! Their seafood are simply the best and I also a part-time maid since my maid doesn't know how to cook, lol wtf -.-. I had fun with my siblings and I also do some shopping. Dad gave me 500 so yeah why not. Bought new shoes, clothes, pants except for accessories! I love accessories too much and I would buy it alot and then I wont wear it for like I don't know. I like to wear it just like once lol except for fav accessories, wear it more often.. Anyways this is not about accessories! I just wanna share my journey there in Sabah and how wonderful is Sabah! Hahaha lets skip that! The end! Au revoir! 


Thursday, November 22, 2012

After what happened, my trust for you is a bit low. I do trust you its just that "feeling". I hate it so much because until now I just realized or maybe just pissed off now, I mean now! That's a bit long. You're so full of secrets. I'm not sure are you telling me the truth, well maybe some or are you hiding things from me :( I should not feel this way but I feel this way after that day. Maybe I was shocked because you have never done this to me or maybe I'm just I don't know what it is but I just can't accept. I do forgive you but I do not forget, you might think this is a little mistake but I seriously cannot forget about it and I do not like this feeling and I don't want to. Hmmm 

It's not wrong if we just keep on dreaming.

I like to think about my future a lot. I'm just the girl that can't wait to have her own family. Yeah I'm that girl. I'm that girl who cannot wait to be a successful woman, a wife and of course a mother. Yes I cannot wait to be all those above. I really wanna be a successful woman, I mean who doesn't right? I just want my own house, own car or maybe own company but not sure what position I'm in. Somehow I just cannot wait to be a wife, yes I get to marry with the love of my life and be happy with him. I wanna treat him well, spoil him and loving him would be my full time job. I also wanted to be a mother, of course I do wanna have my own kids, if it possible I want four kids, 2 boys and 2 girls. I'm gonna spoil them, I'm not gonna let my children to go through what I went through before.  I just want them to have a perfect life or maybe better life than me. Not gonna let my children face the situation or life I had before and I don't want them to go through divorcy just like my parents did. I want everything perfect in my life and hoping my children would be better than I do now. I want them to take care their prayers unlike me, its a bit yknow sometimes you do it, sometimes you not. I rarely and I don't even know when I'm gonna change. I hope one day Allah might open my heart and change me someone better. Insyaallah. Its not that I don't wanna change, I do. The niat has been set on my mind long time a go, its just me. Its really hard to change and leaving my old life. Ya allah, why I'm saying this :S just hoping one day, Insyaallah :) Eh this changing its a part of my dreams too, why not sharing on this blog. Haha to be a success, wife, mother or better person, I gotta build or reach to that level or goal. I gotta work harder on my studies la for now, like I'm studying now so I gotta study well. Then after that I can achieve whatever I wanna do next but during studies or maybe now? I should have the yknow the changing in me, as in close my aurat and all. I really hope that one day I could change like everybody else did. Amin.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Yes, still the same guy

Yes, Danial Hisham bin Amir. Yeap I still with the love of my life.. Euuwww sounds so corny but whatever I love this guy. We've been together for 1 year 2months 11days, yeap I'm still with this guy. Can't believe that I actually could last this long, weird huh? Longest relationship everrrrr. I know I don't say this but I wanna thank to my love, thanks for everything especially being so patience with me, like so patience with me. I know sometimes I could be harsh, ehhh always la en? But I just, I don't know. So sorry love :* Even I treat you like shit, I still get your hugs and kisses :D I can't imagine what will happen to me if you're died like I don't know, wont get married I guess? Eyyy gatal! HAHA just kidding la, haha insyaallah, who knows somedayyy. I guess that's all, na-ah won't share my love life here :) 

Lots of  
Fareena Aiman

Back again!

Start new one? Shall we? So hi guys I'm back again! How's life? Life was... Well there are ups and downs. Anyways, my life getting interesting, somehow... Errr I don't know. Ohh you guys have missed my Sabah's life and Im in kl already :D yeap in KL for studies! Well guys, I study in kptm kl now and taking corporate communication something like mass communication and living in hostel. I don't feel any homesick when staying at the hostel, like not at all.... WEIRD! And say hello to my housemate people :D