Monday, January 7, 2013


Well hello 2013, kinda hate you because gonna start 2nd sem. Here I am in Damansara just got back from Sabah. I spent my break sem at Sabah with my siblings. I had fun there. Went to island and lots and lots of beach and not to forget their food! Their seafood are simply the best and I also a part-time maid since my maid doesn't know how to cook, lol wtf -.-. I had fun with my siblings and I also do some shopping. Dad gave me 500 so yeah why not. Bought new shoes, clothes, pants except for accessories! I love accessories too much and I would buy it alot and then I wont wear it for like I don't know. I like to wear it just like once lol except for fav accessories, wear it more often.. Anyways this is not about accessories! I just wanna share my journey there in Sabah and how wonderful is Sabah! Hahaha lets skip that! The end! Au revoir!